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Pastures Irish Country Cream is a smooth delicious blend of fresh irish dairy cream, white wine, chocolate and vanilla flavours, and a delicious touch of aged Irish whiskey.

An alternative to Bailey's, this Irish cream liqueur is produced in the heart of Irish dairy country. It is blended with fresh cream and a hint of Irish whiskey.

Alcohol 14.50%

The Product:

Lighter in mouthfeel than higher priced cream liqueurs, but with a superb taste and smooth finish. We believe this product outperforms anything that is on the market at this price level.

The ingredients:

We only use fresh Irish dairy cream blended with the finest quality flavours, wine and aged Irish whiskey.

We do not use any additives, preservatives or milk powder substitutes. 'Smooth Blend': Our unique blending process delivers an unrivalled smooth blend finish.


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