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Benchmark No.8 Bourbon Whiskey

Benchmark, made with a fair amount of rye, has a deep amber color, and the nose is sweet, with lots of citrus. The body is medium in texture, offering huge caramel notes, a hint of chocolate, cinnamon, and some orange.

The traditional rye spiciness is played down, but there’s a good amount of heat on the finish; the whiskey is a standard 80 proof but feels hotter than that.

Benchmark No 8 Bourbon is one of the many releases from the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

This particular expression they call their "rye recipe," which indicates that in addition to the 50%+ corn in the grain bill (required to be called a bourbon), there is a healthy dose of rye as opposed to wheat or barley.

This is generally considered to make a sharper, spicier flavour profile in the whiskey, beloved by many who desire strength in their Manhattans or similar cocktails.


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